Abuse on Cattle Ranches

Article with Graphic Video

I’m glad I switched to thabiha after watching 10 seconds of that video!  How can this beef have baraka?!

“The video shows Hallmark Meat Packing Co. workers administering repeated electric shocks to downed cows — animals that are too sick, weak or otherwise unable to stand on their own. Workers are seen kicking cows, jabbing them near their eyes, ramming them with a forklift and shooting high-intensity water up their noses in an effort to force them to their feet for slaughter. “


3 responses to “Abuse on Cattle Ranches

  1. I guess this is why SHY says he will not eat meat in this country. I can’t blame him. After watching that, I don’t want to eat meat of those poor animals either. I hope out halal meat is not slaughtered this way.

  2. “There is such a thing as baraka in food. Everyone knows that unslaughtered meat is haram to eat, but one should realize how little baraka there is in even slaughtered meat when the animals have been raised in misery and suffering, or when it was cooked by those of low and vile character. One should be aware of what one is doing to oneself.”
    -Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller

  3. That’s sick.

    The Qur’an refers to food that is halal and TAYYEB… even if it were “halal” is it tayyeb (similar to what andalus is saying).

    But ya, sick sick sick….

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