To blog or not to blog?

That is the question


8 responses to “To blog or not to blog?

  1. Blog.

    I have you in my rss feed, and I appreciate your posts.

  2. We all face this question after a while. E.g.:

    Still, two years on I’m still blogging, even if only occaisionally now. And Dynamite Soul has spoken.:)

  3. If it helps your soul then keep blogging. If not, stop.

  4. blog… it’s better out than in!

  5. Indeed tis better out than in! blog for sure!

  6. salamalikukm

    Don’t stop. In case you are planning to stop, first can you please tell me what happened to your sister’s blog? I used to visit it regularly, then got side tracked, busy, went to Hajj and when I checked today, boom, it was not only suspended but completely deleted…kind of a shock…if you care to tell, let me know. i hope every thing is fine. jk

  7. I been thinking that myself as well for some time now.

  8. Please stay, it will be useful for the islamosphere.

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