Praise for Imam Ghazali’s book: Ihya Ulum al-Deen

I recently saw some very harsh attacks against Imam Ghazali’s Ihya.  One should note that the overwhelming majority of Islamic scholars have given their approve to the Ihya and those who rejected it were a very small group and did so mostly out of mistake and ignorance.

This is a poem written by Imam Haddad about the Ihya

With “The Revival of the Religious Sciences” you rejuvenate our hearts
And remove our grief and sorrow

It is a book containing useful knowledge
Written by our teacher and physician

A book with the knowledge of the Qur’an and the Sunnah
And what he said makes us lamentful and penitent

It is the heritage of our ancestors and Imams
Who passed away and whose footprints we follow

When he unfurls his flags and publishes his knowledge
The best who behold it are our learned and rightly guided

It has been proved that all knowledge is in it
And our people of wisdom have no doubt in it

And its qualities were praised beyond measure by the Shaykh the Imam
The father of miracles our beloved al-Aydaroos himself

How many such others are there, possessors of direct knowledge
Certifiers of truth, most knowledgeable scholars, and God is sufficient for us

And I conclude by invoking blessings of Allah in each and every moment
On (Muhammad) Mustafa the guide, the intercessor for our sins.

Imam Abu’l Hasan al-Shadhili once saw Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam in
a dream pointing to Imam al-Ghazali and asking Sayyidina Musa ‘Alayhissalam and
Sayyidina Isa ‘Alayhissalam whether they had seen such a hibr (most
knowledgeable scholar) in their ummah (community). They responded “No”.


7 responses to “Praise for Imam Ghazali’s book: Ihya Ulum al-Deen

  1. Bismillah


    I heard a teacher say, that one of the reasons for why the Ummah is in the state its in is because we as a community have stopped reading the Ihya Ulum id-Din!!

    Jazak Allah Khair for presenting us with the poem of the Sayyid!

    May Allah bless you and grant you increase

  2. Subhan’Allah’ alleeul adheem…
    the last few lines will leave me in deep contemplation for a bit. Wow.

  3. Subhanallah. You wouldn’t perhaps know the source of the narration of Imam Abu Hasan radiyallahu ‘anhu’s dream would you?

  4. I got the book set this year and I felt honored to read Imam Al Ghazali’s work. He is amazing.

    And the end of your post really got me thinking as well.

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. mashaAllah, lovely post.

  6. I got a chance to download the PDF file and now I have purchase the books of Imam Al Ghazali.
    I can’t explain what i felt. We all should read his books. As we all really need some knowledge of deen. May Allah help us getting togther instead of critisizing each other.
    JazakAllah Kher


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