Ode to Shakeaspeare

Here’s a poem I wrote in my Sophomore year of High School.  The assignment was to write a poem according to the structure of a Shakespearean sonnet but we didn’t have to do the iambic pentameter.  Apparently, I was very facetious in high school.  It might be valuable to note that the last two lines are a reference to one of his sonnets (I think it was 603).  Enjoy.

Shakespeare: a wonderful man who did much
His poetry was so good it quite bored
He limited poetry and things like such
I wish he were killed by a Mongol horde.

For him, I’m limited on this satire
He has butchered poetry through the ages.
Why didn’t he die in the globe fire?!
He should have been stopped by some great sages.

Oh! I just loathe Shakespeare so very great
That his very name inspires much disgust
Shakespeare, it’s your poems I really hate
Why do people read your poems with lust?

Shakespeare’s poems may last through time as said
But they really stink from what I have read.


5 responses to “Ode to Shakeaspeare

  1. Oh gosh, that is dire :-0

    Do you still feel the same way about Shakespeare?

  2. Not nearly as much. As a note, I wrote this about six years ago and I had just finished studying Shakespearean sonnets in class. I think most high school students feel that way after studying Shakespeare.

  3. Yes you’re probably right, and it’s always quite funny to read things you wrote years ago.

    I believe Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi is quite fond of Shakespeare btw! 🙂

  4. hah. hah.

  5. I’m a little concerned that this qualifies as backbiting.

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