Sheik Badr al-Din al-Hassani and Speculation

I know I haven’t blogged for a while but here’s a nice story to make up for it.

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the price of rice began to inflate because there was no Chaliph that would otherwise have attempted to keep prices low in case of an emergency.  A kilogram rose to ten Syrian pounds.  Meanwhile, a pious merchant sought the advice of Sheik Badr al-Din on what to buy.  The Sheik noted the rising price of rice and advised the merchant to buy some.  That time next year, the price rose to 20 Syrian pounds.  The merchant returned to the Sheik and asked him if he should sell.  The Sheik said not to.  The same thing kept happening until the price rose to 50 Syrian pounds, an exorbitant amount.  The Sheik told the merchant to now sell his rice, but only for ten Syrian pounds.  The merchant did so and all of the other merchants for then forced to bring down their prices as well.


One response to “Sheik Badr al-Din al-Hassani and Speculation

  1. Subhanallah. What baseerah. And what a obedient student! ya Latif!
    Jazakallah for the beautiful story sidi. Keep me in your du’aas.

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