Saying “I’m Muslim”

So my property teacher takes a few students out to lunch as do many law professors.  While we were waiting for our food, someone asked “so where did you graduate?”  He replied “Yale.”  He then went on this hilarious spiel on how he never figured it out how to say, “I graduated from Yale” with the correct inflection.  The funniest part was when he said it apologetically for kicks.

I later reflected upon this.  Why do Muslims apologize when asked about their religion?  Being Muslim is a greater honor than graduating from Yale.  Everytime we try to minimize our Islam out of a deeper shame, it’s like my property teacher who apologetically said, “I graduated from Yale,” except we’re not joking.

May Allah watch over us.


3 responses to “Saying “I’m Muslim”

  1. who apologizes?

  2. The guys named Mohammed and go by Mike.

  3. Subhan’Allah.

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