Blasting Music

I think I ranted about this once before but here is an assignment I did for my legal writing class.  The question was: “what do you believe should be passed into law?”

Laws are supposedly passed for the betterment of society.  Generally speaking, they preform that function.  However, one societal problem that does not have a law has been overlooked: the problem of people blasting music from their cars.  There should be a law that prevents this.
One reason there should be a law specific to this is that the current noise ordinances are inadequate in dealing with this plague that ravages society.  The current noise ordinances only punish people’s whose music can be heard from 100 feet away from the source.  This means that anyone who is within 100 feet of the source will be devastated.  However, if there was a law specifically forbidding people from blasting their music from the cars, then many individuals would be spared.
Another reason for this law is for the rehabilitation of people who are inhumane enough to blast their music from their cars.  This hypothetic law would include a clause that would force the offender, by a court-order, to listen to polka whenever they drive.  By doing this, society will teach offenders of this heinous crime how having another’s musical preferences imposed upon them feels.  This will cause them to think twice before committing the crime again.
A final reason for the passage of this law is to open a door to prevent other melodious misdeeds.  Preventing people from blasting music from their cars is only the tip of the iceberg of what needs to be done.  Other individuals that require disciplining are, but not limited to, people with annoying ring-tones, individuals who play their portable music devices too loudly, and those guys who choose elevator music.
A law preventing people from blasting their music from their cars is absolutely necessary.  As with most other laws, this law would cause a betterment of society.


3 responses to “Blasting Music

  1. I agree with this sentiment with all of my heart. Not only because most of the music that is blasted from people’s vehicles is profane, but also because I have lost part of my hearing from it.

    Of course, that is partly my fault for not wearing earplugs, but should I be forced to wear earplugs wherever I go?

    Come to think of it, that may not be such a bad idea.

  2. If there already is a law prohibiting music that can be heard (by an average human ear I assume) at 100 feet away, then it is a simple rule of physics that can calculate the volume of this music at it source (under average conditions). Once this is figured out, then you have defined the volume limited by law, irrespective of the distance between the source and listener (or accosted as the case may be).

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