I went to the grocery store to buy aftershave and I was blown away with what I saw.  I saw a shelf full of aftershave.  I didn’t know which one to choose.  They all seemed so similar.  What was the point in having all of these kinds of aftershaves?  In the end I picked one and it worked very well hamdullah.  But being here is harder spiritually.  Everyone is obsessed with worldly matters and this is tiring for the heart.  The Muslim community offered little respite.  I have never seen a group more obsessed with this world than the Syrian-American community.  There is plenty of good among them but there is always pressure on me to get the bigger house, better car, and seven-digit income.  I attended the Friday sermon yesterday and it seemed to me that Islam was put in context of this world as opposed to the hereafter.   I guess I should just read more Quran and hold fast to thikr.


2 responses to “Adjusting

  1. Salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    Subhan’Allah, its not surprising you feel this way coming back from such a long retreat. When I came back from Hajj two years ago, not only did I feel like I had completely forgotten every method of life here, but I found myself in somewhat memory loss of what my life was like before. Subhan’Allah, home no longer felt like home anymore. May we all be given the strength to endure the test of this dunya, always. Ameen.

    Oh, and everything starts with dunya here, and then corresponds to Islam, not the other way around. Unforutunately..

  2. al malu wal banun zinatul hayati dunyaa, wal baqiyatu saalihatu khayrun ‘inda rabbika thawaaban wa khayrun amalaa…

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