US Border Gestapo

I can almost swear we are moving towards a dictatorship. This is the line of questioning I was shot with at JFK. My thoughts are in parenthesis.

HLS: What were you doing in Syria?
Me: Visiting family.
HLS: Is that all?
Me: Pretty much.
HLS: Three months is a long time
Me: So what?! (none of your freakin’ business and watch your attitude!).
HLS: Either you’re really really rich or unemployed.
Me: I’m a student (I’m shocked that anyone would say that).
HLS: Do you own a weapon?
Me: I collect swords (my left fist is named “Law” and my right fist is named “Order”).

And it goes on like that. They made me wait for an hour and questioned me for half an hour.


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