Thikr at the Masjid of Sheik Badrudin al-Hassani

So we had a really nice gathering at the masjid.  After praying ‘Asr, we began making salawat upon the Prophet until we reached 96,000.  Then we read some poetry and Surat Yasin.  It was really nice.  You kinda had to be there.

There was also a really cute baby in the middle near the Mashayakh who kept distracting everyone…including the Mashayakh.  He kept trying to walk but kept falling and then he would smile.  Good times.

Also, I’m falling off the face of the earth until Friday so I can attend the Abu Dawud program Sheik Muhammed al-Yaqoubi is doing.


2 responses to “Thikr at the Masjid of Sheik Badrudin al-Hassani

  1. masha’Allah, sounds amazing. i don’t believe these kinds of gatherings can be described in words – they have have to tasted and experienced.

    looking forward to your accounts of the Abu Dawud course, insha’Allah.

  2. As-salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

    Subhan Allah, Masha Allah! Just returned from a gathering at the local masjid with dhikr, salaat o salaam and more, alhamdulillah. Amazing.

    O for more gatherings of dhikr!


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