Habib Ali on Increasing Presence in Prayer

Last night Habib Ali spoke about increasing Presence. 

The first thing one should do is to remember that this is an appointment between the lover and the beloved.  Those who truly love Allah should rush to this.  It is the Maraj of the soul.  Also consider this.  If you are invited to the office of a high level official or wealthy person and you had some problems, they will help solve your problems.  Allah is the highest and wealthiest.  Reflect deeply upon this.  Also pray with love and during the times that are most beloved, not the times that are disliked.  Love and dislike should not come together.

Have presence in ritual purification.  Wudu is seeking permission to enter into the divine presence.

Enter the prayer with awe.  You are standing before the divine.  Do not think of the prayer as a debt that needs to be taken care of.  Observe the stories of newly weds and how much they love being with each other.  That is the attitude we should have in prayer.

May Allah allow this wisdom to enter into our hearts so that we may practice it.

Also a note on simple fiqh questions.  Some people during the Q&A began asking very basic fiqh questions.  This is even worse in America.  Someone once held up a lecture asking for the fiqh of praying while traveling.  This is a lesson within itself.  I would say that 90% of all questions asked by American Muslims to really big scholars can be answered if people studied basic fiqh and aqida.  As usual, I recommend www.sunnipath.com.  


2 responses to “Habib Ali on Increasing Presence in Prayer

  1. Speaking of sunnipath, their “Supplications of the Daily Prayer” course is in the same vein as Habib Ali’s advice. Awesome course, very beneficial for one’s salat.

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