Yearning for the Beloved under the Full Moon

“None of you have attained true belief until I am more beloved then your offspring, your parents, and the whole of humanity.” -Hadith related by Imam Muslim

It was uncomfortably hot Summer day.  To add to it, I was stuffed in a tiny Peugeot with five other people.  Despite the hardship, I knew it would be worth it.  We were to attend a mawlid with the illustrious Sheik Muhammed al-Yaqoubi.

When we arrived, we had just caught up with the group praying Maghrib.  Afterwards, we were seated and the nasheed began as we sat under a looming full moon.  Sheik Adib Kallas and Sheik Omar Sabbagh blessed us with their presences.

Sheik Omar gave a short speeh about loving the Prophet and how it was part of the sweetness of Iman.  He also told us of a dream where his father came to him dressed in white and informed him of how he had been forgiven because of his love for the Prophet.

Finally, it was Sheik Muhammed’s turn to speak.  Liked the diamond the Ottoman Sultan fixed into his turban-crown, this would be the most noble part of the evening.  He began talking about how Sufism has been an integral part of Islam throughout the entirety of the latter’s history.  He then described a crucial part of Sufism.  After acknowledging that all of love the Prophet, he told us it is not enough.  We must have a deep yearning for the Prophet.  Many people want to see the Prophet in their dreams.  He told us a story of a student who went to his Sheik asking for such.  The Sheik gave him salty foods until the student became desperately thirsty.  The student was then told to sleep.  After waking up, the Sheik asked the student “what did you see?”  The student replied that he had seen rivers and oceans.  Ponder this deeply.  The way to attain this yearning is to preform the sunnah and remember the Prophet and love for him in doing so.

The night has come to a close.  All good things must come to an end except the hereafter so prioritize, oh seeker of Allah.  We sang some of the qasida burda, read quran, and made a closing dua’.

May Allah increase us in yearning for Allah and his messenger and allow to drink from the silvery waters of the hawd from the Prophet’s noble hand.


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