Descent into the Dunya

I was with my fiqh teacher and we heard the athan for Maghrib.  We we making our way to the masjid but we noticed that the court-yard was being cleaned.  The only way around was through the bathroom.  I had to go through that bathroom once and I hated it.  It reeked and there were flies everywhere.  I held my breath and went through.  But before I knew it, we were out.  The Sheik looked at me and insightfully said that was like going in and out of the dunya. 

’nuff said.


4 responses to “Descent into the Dunya

  1. Their words are always few yet powerful. Keep me in your du’aas while in that mubarak city.

  2. Deep, wise words. Shaykh Muhammad al-Ya’quobi once told us this world is like the service station on a motorway (freeway). Stock up on provisions only what you need for the journey, gathering too much will slow you down.

  3. I keep thinking this says “Descent into the Danya” and I thought you wanted to beat me up or something

  4. Labid Suleiman

    It’s always amazing to me how men of knowledge see so much that we do not. And it amazes me also that they can look at such simple situation and make it into such profound lessons. May Allah preserve our scholars and teachers.

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