Wisdoms of the Sheik

Our deen is made up of three parts.  We start with aqida, move to fiqh, then perfect ourselves with tasawwuf.  These represent Iman, Islam, and Ihsan; the three essential parts of our deen that in the hadith of Gibril.  The three parts of tasawwuf are to know Allah, attain haqiqah (absorbing what you studied in Aqida into the heart), and attain the manners of Allah.  Part of tasawwuf is attaining good manners but this does not mean the good manners of anyone will do.  We must attain the manners of Allah.  Of course this is not to be taken completely literally.  “There is nothing like him.”  For example, Allah is al-Karim.  In this aspect, we must imitate Allah generosity to the extent that humans are able to.  Our generosity is absolutely unlike like His.  Humans were made to worship Allah and part of this is attaining knowledge of Allah through that which is within ourselves.  I recommend Imam al-Ghazali’s work on Allah’s attributes to attain more understanding of this.  The Sheik told me that whoever embodies one of Allah’s attributes, believes, and prays will not enter the Fire.

One attribute that was emphasized in this talk was al-Ghafour.  al-Ghafour is translated as forgiveness but it is more than that.  It is to cover up the bad and emphasize the good.  Consider the earth which takes filth and turns it into Rehan and Amber.  Once Jesus was walking with his companions and the saw a dead dog that was rotting.  The companions began to talk about how ugly and putrid it was.  Jesus looked at it and exclaimed “look how [beautifully] white its teeth are!”  Now we have the exact opposite of this in our masajid.  We have people condemning each other for how short their beards/hijabs our but they forget the beauty of “la ilaha ila Allah” that is in the heart.  To the Sufis and Salafis I say: overlook the other’s difference and focus on the Iman in the heart.

This is the true meaning of keeping Allah’s names.  It is not just to memorize 99 words, rather one must appropriately embody them.

Other wisdoms I received from the Sheik: ham (worry) and nar (fire) are the end of dirham and dinar.  Reflect upon this oh fuqara!

My cousin who was with me is about to write his marriage contract and here is the advice the Sheik gave to him: the two largest problems in marriage that he has seen come from stinginess and the man’s lack of knowledge of the psychology of women.  The former does not require much thought.  The latter refers to the idea that men cannot treat women like other men.  He must show sensitivity, compassing, and unrelenting attention.  When saying “no,” do so kindly.  A woman’s psychology is much more fragile than a man’s.

Be humble, you are made of dirt.  Don’t see yourself as any more than that.

The Sadiq is second in rank only to Prophets.  The Sadiq is the one who follows the Prophet perfectly for the sake of Allah alone.

True success is attained by merging Aqida, Fiqh, and Tasawwuf.  They are like the wings and tail of a bird.

Follow the scholars and the righteous.

One of the most important things I heard was that everything in this dunya, whether or not it seems to be good or bad, is a test from Allah.  Some people get this, are accepting of what happens, and deal with it in the way of Allah, and some people don’t get this and the disobey Allah in their actions and their heart.

What else did I do in the UAE: snowboarding!  Apparently I am not as good as I was three years ago.


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  1. Aw yay glad you had fun! I hope you brought me something! jk… see you soon bruzzer! 🙂

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