Iman as Pure as the Fount of Selsabil

Yesterday’s lecture in the Ommayid Masjid was on keeping aqida pure.  The Sheik used the analogy of having Iman as pure as the waters of Selsabil as opposed to having it muddied up, an anagy that many have used for purity.  “Aqida must be studied with a true scholar.  Many people say that people should take their aqida directly from the Quran.  The Khawarij did this and made many mistakes.  In general people cannot take from books alone.  What made a sahaba was suhba with the Prophet, not by reading the book he was sent with.  Without the guidence of scholars, our guidence becomes muddied.  One must also not delve into higher level books such as advanced philsophy because they will not understand it without the foundational knowlege.  People must study at their level.  If one has not studied basic fiqh, one can never hope to understant advanced proofs.

I also have a vague outline of my schedule.

In the Morning,  I will study grammar (Qata al-Nada), tazkiyya/Sufism (both mean the same thing) (Adab al-Suhba), and aqida (Miftah al-Jannah).

After ‘Asr, I have fiqh from Umdt al-Salik.  Once I finish with that (which is soon), I will begin with Usul. 

I still need to find a tajwid teacher and someone to finish Sahih Muslim with.  I will also be getting an Ijaza in Sunnan Abu-Dawud.  Sheik Muhammed is doing a 6-day program in July.  Everyone is invited.  I will also being doing Qawai’d al-Tasawuf, Risala Qushayriyya, Shamail Muhamadiyya, and the Aqida Sanusiyya with Sheik Muhammed but these are public lessons so I will not be qualified to teach these books.

Good news too: I found my clocky.  I also ran into sidi Fahim Qazi who will be doing the Fakiha program in Indiana this Summer.  Here is how the conversation went:

Him: You’re American?

Me: Yes

H: Did you hear of the Fakiha program this Summer>

M: Yes, masha’Allah the teachers are amazing.

H:  Thanks, I’m one of them.

The conversation took off from there.  He was getting books for the Summer program.

That’s all folks.  Salams


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