A Hard Lesson in Taqlid

He had to review everything. I was showing my calligraphy teacher the practice I did while I was in America. He insisted on reviewing all of it. He said that he was afraid that I did something wrong and then practiced a mistake over and over again. I never thought taqlid extended to calligraphy to that extent. That’s life I guess. One of the important parts of taqlid is not just take make sure you know what you know but also to correct what you think you know but don’t. The man who thinks he knows is far more dangerous than the man who knows not. My next assignment: copy Qasida Burda…two lines a lesson. Meanwhile, I will begin Diwani. My teacher is very patient with me and he also realizes that I very little time in Damascus. It’s always too little.

I’m going to arrange all of my classes tomorrow insha’Allah. I need to meet with Sheik Muhammed so he can OK the classes I want to take.

The weather here is amazing too. It’s cool and dry. I hope everyone keeps me in their dua’


One response to “A Hard Lesson in Taqlid

  1. Bismillah wa alaa barakatiLlah…
    Please make dua for us too….

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