I don’t understand why people watch them. The eyes are a pathway to the heart. Bad goes in, bad comes out. So all the violence, sexuality, and everything else wrong in movies wreaks havoc on the heart and blinds it from the divine light.  I used to watch movies. My siblings were watching a movie on the TV and it showed terrible things being done to people. I can understand how the lower-self would be entertained by this but it is unacceptable to the higher-self. Going by this fact, I am bothered that this is such a large industry.


5 responses to “Movies

  1. Do you think reading fiction containing violence and sexuality has the same effect?

  2. It’s a blurry line. Visual media can have a strong effect on people. You can use it to mobilise citizens into activism of some kind etc.

    The typical thing that comes out of the entertainment industry though is another story.

  3. I once heard Sheik Hamza Yusuf say that literary pornography is haram.

    I also know Sheik Nuh Keller reads Lord of the Rings.

    As for your specific question, I don’t know.

  4. Sheikh Nuh reads Lord of the Rings? So we are allowed to have some fun?

  5. I heard Sheikh Nuh say in answer to a question on non fiction books; ie. if they had any benefit? Note this was in the context of improving your own language skills; if you are a translator from Arabic to English. He said that there was a benefit, as you will write / talk more idiomatically. He said the more classical texts were better.
    With regards to Lord of the Rings he actually said he read it (past tense) to his siblings ie. Out loud (and the purpose was teaching). So this was when he was a young man.
    It’s true he singled it out to be mentioned but it would not be correct to say he “reads” it.
    He read it, and seemed to advise it’s usage to a similar degree.
    He has also mentioned C.S Lewis “The Screwtape Letters” and “The Inner Ring”.
    Wasalam Muhammed Muzzammel Ali

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