The Prophet’s Physical Attributes

From the Madina Institute

He saws_4resized.jpg had the most radiant coloring, deep black eyes which were wide set and had a sort of red tint to them, long eyelashes, a bright complexion, an aquiline nose, and a gap between his front teeth. His saws_4resized.jpg face was round with a wide brow and he saws_4resized.jpg had a thick beard which reached his chest. His saws_4resized.jpg chest and abdomen were of equal size. He saws_4resized.jpg was broad-chested with broad shoulders. He saws_4resized.jpg had large bones, large arms, thick palms and soles, long fingers, fair skin and fine hair from the chest to the navel. He saws_4resized.jpg was neither tall nor short, but between the two. In spite of that, no tall person who walked with the Prophet saws_4resized.jpg seemed taller than him. His saws_4resized.jpg hair was neither curly nor straight. When he saws_4resized.jpg laughed and his blessed teeth showed, it was like a flash of lighting or they seemed as white as hailstones. When he saws_4resized.jpg spoke, it was like light issuing from between his teeth. He saws_4resized.jpg had a well-formed neck, neither broad nor fat. He saws_4resized.jpg had a compact body which was not fleshy.

Al-Bara’ said, “I did not see anyone with a more beautiful lock of hair resting on a red robe than the Messenger of Allah saws_4resized.jpg.”

Abu Hurayra said, “I have not seen anything more beautiful than the Messenger of Allah saws_4resized.jpg. It was as if the sun was shining in his face. When he saws_4resized.jpg laughed, it reflected on the wall.”

Jabir ibn Samura was asked, ”Was his saws_4resized.jpg face like a sword?” He replied, “No, it was like the sun and the moon. It was round.” (In al-Bukhari and Muslim and elsewhere)

In her description, Umm Ma’bad said, “From afar, he saws_4resized.jpg was the most beautiful of people, and close up he was the most handsome.” (Al-Bayhaqi)

Ibn Abi Hala said, “His saws_4resized.jpg face shone like the full moon.”

At the end of his description, ‘Ali said, “Anyone who saw him saws_4resized.jpg suddenly was filled with awe of him. Those who kept his company loved him.”

All who described him saws_4resized.jpg said they had not see anyone like him saws_4resized.jpg either before or since.

Qadhi ‘Iyad, Healing by the Recognition of the Rigths of the Chosen One
Kitab ash-Shifa bi Ta’rif Huquq al-Mustafa


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  1. SallaAllahu Alayhi Wasalam!

    Jazaka’llahu khayran for this post.

  2. You should listen to this:
    Noble Features of the Messenger(s)
    Shaykh Omar Hussaini

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