Islam’s Future in America

So I’m taking a class in American History from 1918-1945 and we are on the section of racism that plagued, not just the South, but the North as well. As I was reading about a couple of the black thinkers of this era and I thought to myself, “should Muslims follow the example of intergrationalists such as Web Du Bois or fundamentalists such as Marcus Garvey?” Then the Harlem Renaissance popped into my mind for whatever reason. I then thought of the words “Islam is beautiful.” I’ll let everyone think out the rest themselves.


3 responses to “Islam’s Future in America

  1. Islam is the future of America. Islam is peace not only in the sense of no wars and no fighting but peace within oneself. Islam is the peace so many Americans lack.

  2. Subhanallah. A wonderful point. Thank you for this post. Now, let’s get to work!

    Wa salam.

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