Tibetan Buddhists Attack Muslim Mosque?


“Police closed off Lhasa’s Muslim quarter on Friday, two weeks after Tibetan rioters burned down the city’s mosque during the largest anti-Chinese protests in nearly two decades.”

“It was not clear why the area was cordoned off, although rioters had targeted businesses belonging to Chinese Muslim migrants known as Hui, who control much of Lhasa’s commerce.”


5 responses to “Tibetan Buddhists Attack Muslim Mosque?

  1. So it isn’t just Muslims who have people that are out of control and violent. The Dalai Lama also has issues it seems with his followers.

    I wonder is he apologising for something he did not advocate like some of our Muslim Spokespeople?

    Is he advocating a re-writing of Bhuddhist texts? Or is he keeping the discussion on point, and talking about the crimes against his people and the injustices of the politics that is the cause of the nations troubles.

    It seems any people who are subject to injustice and humiliation for a protracted and indeterminate period will eventually have a breaking point. Where some members [not large in number] will take matters in to their own hands resulting in anarchy and violence.

  2. Just as a note, I don’t blame all Buddhists for this but I hope that the perpetrators are brought to justice and the Dalai Lama says something about it.

  3. Have you read anything that the Dalai Lama has had to say these last few weeks? Frankly, I’d love to see muslim leaders this on point.


    And before we get too upset that hui muslims are being attacked in tibet, why not ask why they are there? They’re cultural imperialist settlers, there to help the chinese han majority stamp out tibetan culture. We get our panties in a twist about the israeli treatment of the palestinians, but we turn a blind eye when muslims are complicit in doing the same to others.

    Native tibetan muslims have been living peacefully with their buddhist counterparts for centuries.


  4. Thanks for the info

  5. This sort of rioting is not really religiously-based, but more economically-based. When a society gets into turmoil and there is a small group within that society that’s more economically powerful, the larger, poorer group will often riot against the richer group. The same thing happened in the late 90s, when the poorer Malays in Indonesia attacked the richer Chinese community, who run most of the businesses in that country. In that respect, I can sympathize somewhat with the Tibetans who burned down the masjid even though, of course, I am a Muslim and naturally sympathize with the Hui. I don’t think the masjid was burned down out of animosity toward Islam or Muslims, just that the Muslim community there is richer than the Tibetans.

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