Modernity and its Discontents

I keep hearing at my university how Muslims are so backwards and how they need to modernize and all that as though modernity is the good norm. I keep hearing that Muslim women need to liberate themselves by switching from the the hijab to the miniskirt and how we must abandon our “superstitious” religious idea and accept “science.” This is nothing more than ignorance piled upon ignorance. People who say these things have never critically looked at modernity. By no means am I making a wholesale rejection of modernity. In fact, modernity has brought much good into the world. Scientific advancements now mean people can live longer and better. Life has been made easier for us with household appliances and achievements in aerospace technology. This is by no means an exhaustive list. But advocates of modernity seem to downplay all of the problems that come with it. Higher levels of promiscuity are linked with an increased amount in STDs to the point where 26% of teenage girls in the United States have an STD. Technological advancements have come with environmental consequences such as global warming. If something is not done by 2040, say scientists, then we will have passed a point of no return. Advances in weapons technologies mean that individuals can do what pre-modern armies could not. Those who are willing to look at modernity more critically will conclude that it is not perfect. However, to conclude I say that perhaps imposing Western style modernity on the world is not the best thing to do.


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