The “Eeman Rush” and its Miscontents

So apparently there is this thing called the “Eeman Rush.” I’ve never experienced it but I am bothered by the name. Iman is something that is supposed to be experienced in calmness and sakeenah over a long period of time with consistency. The word “rush” implies that it is like anything else in this dunya that is pleasurable; the pleasure leaves you as fast as it comes. Feeling an “Eeman Rush” implies that something wrong was done on the spiritual path. Many people who practice Islam without proper spiritual activity have “burnout.” The rush comes and then leaves. This is why finding a good spiritual guide is important.


7 responses to “The “Eeman Rush” and its Miscontents

  1. I think they’ll find it’s more ’emotional validation’ than ’eman rush’….but ssssh! don’t tell anyone!

  2. Salams

    Aren’t speed, rushing and haste qualities of shaytan?

  3. Logan Zagzebski

    These are excellent points. May Allah reward you!

  4. EmanRUsh \ee-man-rsh\ noun(2003):
    1 – faith accelerated
    2 – a rush of blood to the mind and heart, causing tears, warm whispers of repentance, hair to stand and an overwhelming urge to prostate to Allah; sweet

  5. Assalamu alaikum,
    An Imam at my local mosque once mentioned that there are times when one feels one faith stronger and more powerful. These times are gifts from Allah and one should make full use of them to make Dua and engage in some sort of worship. Perhaps this can be called a “rush” of some kind although I dislike the term since it has too many negative connotations.

  6. Think outside the box . . . Unless you are told not to 😉

  7. I’m not talking about the actual feeling that Your Brother described. I’m talking about the use of the word “rush.”

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