Sheik Abdullah Adhami’s New Website

Also, make dua’ for the people of Gaza.


5 responses to “Sheik Abdullah Adhami’s New Website

  1. hmm… hasnt this site been around for like 2 years or so now?

    is there anything new about the site now?

  2. It’s new to me :p

    I saw “inaugural welcome message” so I assumed it was new.

  3. Never mind if it’s new or not, let’s focus on the slendidness of it. It is Most Splendid Indeed in my opinion. Especially all the free MP3 lecture downloads. Thanks for the link 🙂

  4. Islam is evil, brutal and backwards. This is the same exact Old Testament Stone-Age brutality that every other religion derived from Judaism has abandoned, including Judaism.

  5. Black Sheep – people hate what they fear, and they fear what they are ignorant of. You believe you know Islam, but your words reveal the opposite. You could do worse than explore Knowledge is power after all.

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