Miami Vice

This is not about the video game.

I am being faced with the possibility of having to move to Miami for law school. I will go anywhere but Miami. I was already accepted to Syracuse so I am certain that I have a good recourse insha’Allah. The problem with Miami is that it has all of the disadvantages of a big city but none of the advantages. For example, transportation is bad in big cities if you want to drive. However, most big cities have public transportation. However, Miami has a terrible public transportation system. I’ll have to drive on the road with crazy people. I have driven in Miami and it is miserable! Another problem problem with big cities is crowding. However, many cities offset this with advantages such as things to do like museums and performances. Not Miami because Miami has Miami beach for fun. I really hope I find a way out of this.


One response to “Miami Vice

  1. See? All the more reason to go to Syracuse. Sure the winters are horrid, but the masjid is in walking distance from campus. Eh? Eh? See?

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