Controlled Rebellion

So I’m here at RIS and I pity anyone who is not.  Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad gave an excellent lecture last night about teen rebellion and how it is natural but must be done with some adab and wisdom.  He gave the example of Sayidna Ibraheem who smashed the idles and was probably a teenager when he did it.  Our teen years are between the time when we are ignorant of the world in our childhood and when we are forced to immerse ourselves in the world in our adult life, i.e. intelligent questioning of norms occurs during this period.  However, corporations have been able to control this rebellion to make money from it.  Instead of intelligently questioning the status quo, they are told rebelling consists of hating your parents, listening to heavy metal, wearing your pants around your thighs, etc.  They think they are rebelling but the reality is that they have positioned themselves into a corporate slave-hood, accepting society.  Am I the real rebel for wearing my pants around my waist, questioning corporate greed and its consequences in the environment and societies across the world, and abandoning pleasurable aspects of this world?

I just thought that was ironic.


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