I’m Scared to Drive

Is it just me or have people become more reckless and less courteous on the road lately?

I was driving home today on the interstate and someone almost rear-ended me. Luckily I sped up a bit and he missed me by an inch!

Someone on a motorcycle was passing someone on the other lane on a two lane road and was in between me and the car he was passing!

I was trying to get on the interstate and it looked really busy so I waited but the people behind me were honking at me and kept jumping in despite how fast the cars were going. It was at that point I just wanted to drive onto the shoulder and start crying!

Cars are weapons of mass destruction people! Individuals can kill other people just by not paying attention or being in a rush. Be careful when driving and be courteous to people. Every 12 minuets, someone dies in a car accident. Over 40,000 people die of car accidents every year!


3 responses to “I’m Scared to Drive

  1. I am scared of driving, too. You can trust yourself but can you trust the rest?

  2. Driving in snow… is even more dangerous..

    but you have ONE SEXY CAR IBBBYY

    see you at RIS :$

  3. I’m 25 years old, and I never drove a car in my life. To afraid, i might get mad or someone might kill me or Ill run over an animal. I’ll run out of gas on the freeway, or my car will stop working. So many things that bind me to use my legs to walk. I feel kinda good that im one less who is poluting the world, but I know driving is a must if you live in the states. Is amtrek the best america can come up with. LOL

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