The Hikam of Imam ibn Ata’illah

Here are some good gems of wisdom

Some of my favorites:

A feeling of discouragement when you slip up
is a sure sign that you put your faith in deeds.

Your striving for what is absolutely guaranteed to you
and your laxness in what is required of you
are evidence that your inner eye is dull.

Better to look at the defects hidden within you
than to look for the unseen worlds that are veiled from you.

The Real is not veiled
– it is you that are veiled from seeing Him.
If there was anything veiling Him
what veiled Him would cover Him.
If he was covered,
His existence would be contained.
If something contains something else,
it overpowers it.
But He is the Conqueror, overcoming His slaves.


One response to “The Hikam of Imam ibn Ata’illah

  1. Salam,
    I have had the grand luck to attend the lessons of al- sheikh al-Buti when he explained all of the hikams of ibn ita-illah in masjid al-Iman in Damascus.

    I found them very useful to support myself in the homesickness in france.
    Miss you Damascus

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