Ebru Marbling

My new hobby! I bought a kit with paint, water thickener, and alum to treat the paper. I also bought something to mix with the pain so it does not mix (instead of going to the slaughterhouse myself and refining the cow gall). I’m not going to do anything nearly as complex as in the video. I’m only going to make patterns to make borders for my calligraphy projects without the pictures. My mom saw the video and said it looks messy. I told her not to worry because worrying won’t decrease the mess :p

God is beautiful and love beauty.


2 responses to “Ebru Marbling

  1. SubhanAllah, that was beautiful. I really want to try that. I wonder what type of paint that is, looks like a water-based. I wonder how the paint dried on the paper.. there was so much water

  2. I didn’t know such stuff existed – massively awesomely cool

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