The Inward Versus the Outward

Outward realities and inward realities can be very different and this is a very amazing aspect of life. For example, the Prophet pbuh.gif described Taif as being his hardest moment. In that same year, his wife, Khadija, and uncle, Abu Talib, both died. Inwardly things were not so bad. After Taif, some emissaries from the Jinn had come to him and accepted his message. This was also the same year as the Night Journey and the Ascension to Heaven. Even though the outward was horrible, the inward was different.

Another example is that of Imam Ghazali. Outwardly he was on top of the world. He was the head professor at the most prestigious university in the most powerful empire in the world at the time. He was also very wealthy. Despite all of this, he was facing a very deep spiritual crisis because where lacked everything he was teaching. After a short time, he went into spiritual seclusion where his high point was being a janitor at a mosque in Damascus.

Ponder your own life now.


2 responses to “The Inward Versus the Outward

  1. Jazakallah. Just small typo – Abu Talib.

  2. Oh yeah. Abu Mutalib was the grandfather.

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