SunniPath Course Catalogue

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If I didn’t have to study for the LSAT this semester (bah!) I would take either the 77 Branches of Faith (after having finished three books of aqida), The Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi, Introduction to Hadith Methodology (complimenting my Ijaza in Sahih Muslim), or the Foundations of Islamic Law (The natural choice after almost having finished Reliance of the Traveler in Damascus).  I would suggest that other people look into their classes on spirituality though, especially the ones taught by Habib Ali Jifry and Habib Umar al-Hafiz.

My next semester is going to be really easy insha’Allah so I might indulge myself in two or three SunniPath classes.


2 responses to “SunniPath Course Catalogue

  1. Salaam, what does juhah mean?

  2. ijaza in Sahih Muslim??? wow.

    i am envious in a good way. i wish i could go on knowledge seeking expeditions. insha’Allah one day.

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