Calligraphy with Hajji Noor Deen Mi Guangjiang and a Mawlid

So I went to ISNA and I had a really good time masha’Allah. I think what I brought back that was most valuable is how a Muslim should see themselves in the West. I always though that Muslims should partially integrate to the extent that they are able to function in society but still hold onto their Islamic values. Endorsed by Dr. Umar Abd-Allah, Dr. Abdul-Hakim Jackson used the term indiginzation to describe what should be done. Islam has spread across the world and, like a clear flowing river, has adapted to the color of the bedrock instead of changing it. So we can be Americans and Muslim without having any conflict. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir gave excellent speeches as usual too. If you have not seen them, MR made a good compilation of them and I suggest you look into them. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf also gave a nice speech the next day, though it was mostly him cracking jokes.

Now for the fun stuff. I went to Hajji Noor Deen Mi Guangjiang’s booth and I bought the longing for the divine calender and some bamboo pens. I also wrote a word and he said I did a good job :D.

Then there was the Mawlid. Masha’Allah it was an excellent Mawlid. I scheduled it for 10:30 thinking that the Saturday main session would run punctually but it ran an hour over so people did not come in until around 11:30. Note: if you want to have a successful ISNA event, do not schedule it at the same time as an SHY speech. Once the people came in, we did some thikr and nasheed. I would like to thank Tarek and Usama for being such great munshids. Insha’Allah, I will record it next year.


3 responses to “Calligraphy with Hajji Noor Deen Mi Guangjiang and a Mawlid

  1. salam, which one are you in the photo?

  2. The one wearing the shukr hat.

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