Going to ISNA

I’ll see people there.  Remember, Mawlid at 10:30 in conference room 200!


2 responses to “Going to ISNA

  1. This ISNA name in Iran is : Iranian Students news Agency.
    Good luck, Come back and share news.. 🙂

  2. I sit here wrapped in blankets with a thermometer in my mouth. I did not chose to pay a lot of money to hear a series of lectures summarising perhaps every other article or lecture concerning the Ummah that I have been exposed to, but instead to deplete my available funds in the advancement of my private studies; on Labour Day weekend there are worst companions than the “Purification of the Heart”. This is all to say that that mawlid better be something to be jealous over, and I look forward to joining you for another gathering of light by the decree of ALLAH — maybe we can get the ink and nibs out and exchange scribbling tips.

    As salam aleykum wa ramatullahi wa barakatuh.

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