So while I was traveling around this Summer, I was invited by Sheikh Mohammad al-Yaqoubi to his house. While I was there, I noticed he used a Mac. Then I went to a wedding and I heard some people talking about how great Mac is. Later I began to hear how much of a let down Vista is. So then I go to Cambridge and, lo and behold, I visit Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad and he is using a Mac! I spoke to my sister about this, who was in Jordan, and she said Sheikh Nuh Keller also uses a Mac. Then I reflected and I remembered that everyone at Zaytuna uses Macs (which is why all their files are playable by quicktime). So I began to think that if all these very intelligent people are using it, maybe I should try it.

My brother’s laptop’s hard-drive failed and it was irreparable so he needed a new computer. My mom asked me to suggest a PC so I did but I added a note in the e-mail that I suggest she try a Mac. She said she was not in the mood to experiment so we got the PC with Vista. I opened it and it resembled a train wreck. Even though the wireless card was fully functional, Vista would not let me connect to the internet. Home edition has the functionality of a sandbox so I would have to pay $100 to upgrade to professional so my brother could connect to the domain at his school. Then I would have to pay another $200 to buy a new copy of Microsoft Word for Vista because our mass license version was not compatible. I tried a number of things and I spent a good portion of the night just to get it functional again (I tried getting rid of Vista and installing XP but it failed). I decided this is a disaster and I don’t want to deal with it. So that morning I went to the local Apple store and got my brother a MacBook and I had it fully functional in less than 15 minuets. iWork was only $75 and that’s all the software I needed to add (though I bought the protection plan). In short, I have a feeling my next laptop will not be a PC. I’m sold on Mac.

On a completely irrelevant note, I have a really good laptop for sale.  The only defect: Vista.


3 responses to “iBraheem

  1. i have no idea what you just said, but i’m sold.i’m going to buy a mac next!

  2. yea, i’m sold by what you just said

  3. as salaamu alaykum,

    Hmm I’ve heard that formatting for Arabic text is easier in mac, as well as transliteration of Arabic (like writing text with the pronunciation symbols, like the little line above or below the letters or the dots etc, that take forever to insert in Word) so a lot of translators use mac. Maybe it’s the same for the shuyukh? 🙂


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