Meeting with Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad

I managed to meet Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad and I must say, I have never met anyone who thought out things so well. He has an amazing perspective on everything like the man from the outside of the city who is mentioned a couple times in the Quran (I’ll blog about that reference later).

And just for kicks, I’ll mention something stupid that I almost said. He asked me how the dorms were and I told him that aside from loud, drunk Americans, everything was fine. Then he said that the West to Muslims is like a ship just sailing by. Everyone on the ship is having a great time but the ship itself has no direction. Muslims just stare at the ship, baffled by it as it will eventually sail over the horizon. I almost asked him, seriously, “where does the iceberg fit into that analogy?”

There is not much left to say.  It was just like any other private conversation where we spoke about life, the universe, and everything.


One response to “Meeting with Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad

  1. As-salamu Alaykum. Just wanted to say that I had the grandest opportunity of assisting Sh. AHM here in Dublin. And one of the things I realized was that his essays, not in the least, fully exhaust his thoughts. I’ve never encountered a real scholar before, not in my life. That might of been the first and last. We did a Q&A session with him and his spoken word can be published verbatim in a journal. Too bad I was too stressed to benefit fully from everything he said. Maybe I’ll be provided another opportunity, when my thoughts become more mature, inn sha Allah.

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