Many of the people of the older generation complemented me regarding my manners and courtesy.  I only have my parents to thank for that.  Allah blessed me with parents who are unequaled.  It was they who taught me in my youth to fear Allah and be polite.  It was they who worked hard so that I could go and study Islam so that I could purify my heart.  Had they simply propped me in front of a television and hoped that would raise like many other parents then I would have been doomed.  It was they who worked hard to instill good qualities into me.  They are dearer to me than my own self and I miss them tremendously and I have never been able to thank them properly.  Learn this lesson from me; do not forget your parents for they have sacrificed tremendously for you so repay them with gratitude and try to be the same to your children.

May Allah have mercy upon me and upon my parents.  May Allah have mercy upon them as they did upon me when I was young.   And I hope they can forgive any shortcomings of mine.

On another note, I am leaving back to the US right now.  It’s been a long time, too long.  More than three months I have been gone from home.  I learned a great deal but now is the time to go back.  I have a 10 hour stay in Heathrow so I am going to try to transcribe the entire text of Qasida Burda (160 lines) in Ruqa’ form.

Keep me in your supplications to Allah.


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