Journey Through the Old City of Damascus

All right, I’m exhausted because this is what I did today.

I started at about 10:30 and I went to the old city.  I took a bus to Bab Srije and then walked.  I found my Sheikh’s ‘atar shop so I asked him for directions as to certain places I could visit and where I could by a cane.  He told me some places I could go and I was off.  My first stop was a wood worker’s shop.  There was plenty of walking so I bought I cane.  Now I can still use it because it looks cool.  Then I went to the obvious location: The Omayid Mosque.  I took a picture from under the dome.  It was a tough shot but my flexible tripod made it easier though it attracted alot of attention.  I visited the grave of Saydna Yayha (John the Babptist) and read surat al-Fatiha.  Then I went to the Nur-el-Din el Shahid Mosque where the grave of Nur el-Din, teacher of Salah-al-Din is burried.  It is said of him that Salah-el-Din is only one of his many fruits and that, according to Imam ibn Kathir in his bidayat ul-Nihaya, any dua’ there is answered (mustajab).  I’m going there again insha’Allah so leave your dua’ requests via e-mail or comments section.  Then I was off to the Darwishiyya Mosque.  This is where the likeness of the Prophet’s pbuh.gif  sandals.  I also saw the place where the Dervishes dedicated their lives to worshipping Allah.  I was then off to the Sibahiyya mosque which was also impressive.  Afterwich, I went to my Sheikh’s ‘atar shop and I asked him if there was anything I missed.  He told me to go back to the Omayad Mosque and go into the room where Imam Ghazali wrote Ihya Ulum al-Din and spent eight years in spiritual seclusion.  There was the illustrious Sheikh Abdul-Razaq al-Halabi!  I introduced myself and asked him for his dua’.  May Allah reward him greatly for his service to the Din and grant him good health!  I then went to Bab-Saghir and I visited the graves of many of the Sahaba and their followers to remember that death is fast approaching me amongst other things.  There were other things I wanted to see and get.  I still need to find the grave of Sayidna Mu’awiyya, see the Ottoman Sufi lodge, visit the Sufi lodges that Salah-ul-Din built, and buy a wooden tissue box to trade for the Bosnian version of Qasida Burda.  It was hot today and I walked about five hours strait so I’m going home to fill my bathtub with ice and dive into it :p.  Keep me in your dua’.

In times where tirbulations and killing increase, flee to greater Syria -Hadith Sahih 


2 responses to “Journey Through the Old City of Damascus

  1. “I still need to find the grave of Sayidna Mu’awiyya,”

    If I’m not mistaken, it is actually in the cemetary of Ahl Bayt, specifically where ‘Abdullah b. Ja’far bin Abi Talib [Al Tayyar] & Sayyidna Bilal [رضي الله عنهم] . I may be wrong, but I believe it is there, caged off to a side. I was there maybe 2 weeks ago, but I can’t confirm that for sure. I hope you can find it !

  2. Cemetary where many of Ahl Bayt is buried*

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