Mawlid with Habib Ali al-Jifri

A couple of days ago, there was an amazing Mawlid and Habib Ali Jifri was there and gave an amazing speech.  The night started at Jama Sa’ad bin Mu’ath in Malki(anybody who had been in Syria should know it).  We prayed Mughrib and the nasheed started.  The munshids were Syrian so we started with the Syrian style nasheed.  We had some Scholars from Syria and Egypt give speeches about how our beloved Prophet pbuh.gif and how he is Allah’s embellashment of the two worlds!  Then, the Yemani nasheed started.  We read a few pages from al-Diya al-Lami’ and it was done excellently.  Then the man himself; al-Habib Ali Zayin al-‘Abidin al-Jifri.  He gave a speech reminding us to do everything for the sake of Allah and follow the Prophet’s example pbuh.gif. Something that was especially vivid and stuck in my mind is that even simple things should be done while remembering Allah.  He gave the example of putting clothes on.  When one puts their clothes on, they should remember doing it for the sake of Allah whether it to cover the nakedness for the sake of Allah or so that one may continue life for the sake of Allah.  He said that when one does this, those who look at the clothes will have their hearts effected.  Many people want to teach Islam in America.  This is a good place to start.  He then emphasized the need for worship and allowing the heart to be effected.  He did not say anything that anyone did not know but it was an excellent reminder.  He then started making dua’.  During the course of which, he reminded us of our burden of sins that matched the mass of the earth and that even then Allah would forgive us and we only need to turn to him!  Half of the audience was crying.  Why should we not cry upon ourselves?  We cry for the victims of oppression we see on the news but we do not cry our after we opress our own selves with out sins?

The next day, there was another Mawlid.  After the one with Habib Ali, there is nothing to say about this.  I will say it was really good though…aside from the fact that I had to wear a suit.

I’m addicted to teddy grams!


8 responses to “Mawlid with Habib Ali al-Jifri

  1. Hasan al-Alawi

    Alhamdulliah. May Allah protect Imam Ali al-Jifry

  2. Hasan al-Alawi

    Alhamdulliah wa Subhan Allah wa MashaAllah Azzawajal. May Allah protect Imam Ali al-Jifry

  3. Hasan Alawi can you please bring in any way some proof that the Prophet SAAWS celebrated the MAWLID

  4. if we love the Prophet so much we should follow him as we were taught

  5. Do you have any proof that he forbade it?

  6. The Most Foolish Question is this to ask that they Prophet Muhammed Pbuh Celebrated the Mawlid since the Sahaba used to see the Prophhet Pbuh themselves everyday with there yes and his Seerah was seen by them day to day they did not need to do special Mawlids and i guess Mr hasan should know thatb there was a Companion of the Prophet Muhammed Pbuh known as Hasan Bin Thabit Rh who was Know to Recite Qasaid in the Prersence of the Prophet Himself what proof more he wants

  7. Salamu Alaykum,

    Must we fight about polemics especially during Ramadan al-Mubarak ?

    Wasalamu Alaykum

    The Humble Servant
    al-Sayyid Hassan al-Alawi

  8. mindanao is the south part of the philippines, the islam people is not take the own freedom for the goverment of the philippines.

    i realy worried about it, because is so much insolting to islam.

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