Yesterday was an amazing day Masha’Allah.  So Kenan calls me at 3:45 AM and says “are you coming or not.”  “Snap” I think.  I was supposed to meet him at the roundabout now.  So I throw on my thown and run out.  To begin with I’m about as graceful as a (dead) swan and this was early in the morning so my running to meet him looked anything like the Fellowship running across the Riddlemarch to find Merry and Pippin (I’m a LOTR geek).  We meet and we go to Jama’ Omawi where we are able to make the first Raka’ of fajr.  Afterwhich, we go to meet Sheikh Abdul-Razzak al-Halabi, one of the world’s top scholars in there room where Imam Ghazali wrote Ihya Ulum al-Din!  It happened that there was a khatm going on so we all made dua’ and insha’Allah it will be answered.  Then we had a brief Sham’il course with nasheed.  Then we gathered around the grave of Sayidna Yahya (The Prophet known as John the Baptist) and there was more nasheed.  Masha’Allah there was so much baraka (and free food which was good because I am chronically lacking sustanance for a lack of time).  Then we have breakfast and we randomly run into my cousin.  He informed me that the Haba’ib are here in Damascus and he had not slept all night because he was making thikr with them.  Though before he went to sleep, he told me that Habib Ali (the man himself!) will be giving a speech after Friday prayer.  This is around 7 AM so I went back to my flat to sleep.  I wake up and went back to the mosque and got a nice front row seat and Habib Ali gave an amazing speech about judging  yourself before judging others.  It was so wonderful!  Anyway, tomarrow there is going to be a Haba’ib style Mawlid too.  Keep me in your dua’.

Dr. Tarek’s dad is my hero!


One response to “Mawlids!!!!

  1. … wow. (there’s nothing else left to say)
    make du`a for your landlocked brothers and sisters!

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