Bug Zapper

So I walk into my room in my Damascus house and a see my bug zapper (I live near some old Arab houses with pools in them so misquitos are everywhere).  What pops into my mind is how stupid a bug must be to fall for this.  Then I remember the state of many humans (including myself) who flee towards the dunya away from Allah despite the fact that their souls are put in peril.


2 responses to “Bug Zapper

  1. You know I just told my sister that, while embellishing a little bit on our quest for the dunya and saying that Lena (my coblogger) had told me about this analogy and that she thought it was amazing that there were signs in such small things- subhanAllah.

    It escaped me where she had said she had heard or read this story.. but I take it know it was from this very post.

    Thought provoking…

  2. Ironically, someone asked Sh. Abu Khayr Al Shukri what was the legal status of the bug zappers in the masjid. He said, it is permissible to kill them, yet burning them is haram. Since we have no control over the actual process of their death it is most likely Makruh. It was odd that someone asked, but I just remembered when you mentioned the bug zapper. Keep me in your du’aa.

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