Sharia and Transactions in America

I know I have neglected my tri-daily promise but I have been busy like crazy.

Anyway, I have been studying the Trade section of Reliance of the Traveler and I think that everyone will be comforted to know that, unless they are buying something impermissable or dealing with interest, their transations are permissable.  The objective of the laws of trade in the Shafi’ madhab is to minimize dispute.  In  a transaction in America, all of the integrals of trade are present (buyer, seller, valid trade item, and acceptance (to submit payment is a sign of acceptance)).    As for returns, they are also valid.  In the Shafi’ madhab, the seller needs not accept an item being returned after three days but returning it is still valid if it is accepted so going by 90 day return policies is acceptable.  This is one example of many and I strongly suggest everyone study thing subject.  I’m going back to being busy.


2 responses to “Sharia and Transactions in America

  1. I hope you are having fun and making the best of your time. Also, I want to remid you: LSAT, LSAT, LSAT. And, check on Juddo, can you brief me on his state of health? I sent you an envelop for your study abroad with Khale Nada, I trust that you have received it.

  2. When I read about transactions in shariah, it was after I had already taken contracts in law school. I was surprised and really happy when i realized how similar the systems were. Offer/acceptance etc etc. By the way, the LSAT is easy. Law school is easy. But they both suck really bad. The bar is really really hard.

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