Sufism and Innovation

I was attending a dars by a Sheikh on Sufism and I took some notes down so I decided to post the notes to diffuse the Sufi bogeyman. The notes are regarding a book called the Foundations of Sufismby Sheikh Ahmed Zarruq

Most waswasa (misgivings) are from purification.
Do not do too much worship (i.e. unsustainable (worship that causes burnout) worship or innovation).
Do not do too little worship otherwise you will get nowhere spiritualy.
The worst type waswasa is in doubting aqida. The cure for this is to say La ilalaha ila Allah (there is nothing worthy of worship aside from Allah).
Do not take the rukhsa (dispensation) (i.e. no maddhab hopping)
Consuming what is impermissable is sinful and leads to sin.
If one wants to purify their wealth and lead a halal life, they should give all their haram wealth to the enemies of the Muslims to cause fitna amongst them.
Food that is consumed must be halal even if you are invited to a place (this has nothing to do with the Zabiha debates).
One should remember Allah while eating.
Eating brain is good for you.

The Sheikh then went into a discussion on innovation. He said that the Sharia’ definition of innovation applies only to rulings, not to actions. For example, the Mawlid is not an innovation as long as one does not apply a ruling to it because the Prophetpbuh.gifnever applied any rulings to it.  But if someone says it is haram with no reason other than that it was never done by the Prophet pbuh.gif then that is an innovation because a ruling was innovated. 

“He who inaugurates a good sunna in Islam earns the reward of it and all who perform it after him without diminishing their own rewards in the slightest.” 

Bukhari and Muslim relate that Rifa’a ibn Rafi said, “When we were praying behind the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) and he raised his head from bowing and said ,”Allah hears whoever praises Him”, a man behind him said, “Our Lord, Yours is the praise, abundantly, wholesomely, and blessedly therein.” When he rose to leave, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace)asked “who said it”, and when the man replied that it was he, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “I saw thirty-odd angels each striving to be the one to write it.”

As for the hadith where Sayidna Ibn Abass told people not to throw stones while making thikr citing that the Prophet never did it, that has no place in usul because it is not a Prophetic hadith, rather it is regarded as an opinion of a great scholar.  Furthermore, there is no condemnation in it which shows that he did not believe it was imperrisable but it would be better for them to worship as the Prophet pbuh.gif worshiped.

And Allah knows best.

P.S. I apolagize for the typos but the browser this browser is second rate.


4 responses to “Sufism and Innovation

  1. As salaamu alaikum,

    Masha Allah, this was a great post.

    JazakhAllah !

  2. okay, so I followed your notes but then I got lost around the part where it says, “Eating brain is good for you.” Huh? I never knew that.

  3. Desis eat brain alot. So do north africans apparently. Taste like eggs to me, i just can’t do it in the end though. Good stuff.

  4. Consuming what is impermissable is sinful and leads to sin.

    Besides that impermissible food weighs on your soul and doesn’t at all help spiritually.

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