Imam Nawawi’s Forbidden Fruit

A couple days ago I had some Syrian apples.  It is well known that Sayidna Imam Nawawi, Sheikh ul-Islam of the Shafi’ madhab (Salika!), would not eat these apples because they were so delicious.  Nor would he eat two things combined on the same piece of bread for the same reason (so those PB&J sandwiches I have been living off are out of the question).  Speaking of the illustrious Imam Nawawi, we went to visit his grave yesterday.  We got off to an interesting start.  We passed Nawa because we were joking around and singing nasheed (which I will try to post later because we had such a great munshid) to the point where we were not paying attention to the road signs and we found ourselves at the Jordanian border.  We turned around and we got lost again.  We asked a guy on a motorbike and he told us to go back.  We found ourselves in a nearby town where the guy there also told us to go back.  After a while of going back and forth, we stopped in a town we thought was Nawa.  We asked where the Maqam was and the guy told us to go to Nawa.  We eventually found ourselves in Nawa (partly by accident) and we went to the maqam.  We found Sheikh Buti’s brother there and they were just leaving.  We spent about an hour there singing nasheed and making dua’ for there was baraka and sakeena in the area.  We had a student (two students actually) of the great Qari of Sham, Sheikh Bakr Tarabishy, and we had some of the best Quran recitation ever.  We also did the Wird of Imam Nawawi.  Words are not enough to describe this outing.  One of the three scholars with us said that you do not visit the awliya and leave empty handed.  Insha’Allah Allah made me a better Muslim through this visit.

Also, I think I may have found a calligraphy teacher.


2 responses to “Imam Nawawi’s Forbidden Fruit

  1. MashAllah, may Allah (swt) give you tawfeeq in your studies. What a beautiful story, how long are you in Sham for? Kindly email me.

  2. How lucky to be gaining knowledge at the place of the greats. masha allah

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