In Syria

Well I’m in Syria.  Yesterday, the day I arrived, was mostly a blurb.  That’s what oversees flights do to you.  it was raining half the day yesterday too, something I do not recall happening very often.  I’m still setting up my lessons so I have yet to gain any knowledge.  There was also a khutba today where the Sheikh confirmed my quasi-fatwa that breaking traffic laws is haram and he went as far as to say that it is under the same category as alcohol because both harm the body.  This was at Jama’ Sheikh Muhyadin.  The area was giving out vibes of baraka.  Hamdullah some of my lessons are scheduled in that area.  I walked outside and someone encourged people to make salawat on the Prophetpbuh.gif randomly and people did.  What is also completely different is this dust storm.  The sky is a dismal yellowish-orange.  I was also almost hit by a bus.  It brushed my sleeve.  I think that’s near-death experience 331.  That’s all for now.  I have to go to a relative’s house because I locked my self outside of my flat.  i’ll try to update tri-daily.

p.s. I’m still trying to find out who is Sheikh al-Islam of the Shafi’ madhab.


One response to “In Syria

  1. 🙂
    I miss you and “wuv” you too. I found the card on my bed. Very cute.

    By the way, I’m gonna live in your apartment until we get the condo going…

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