This is one of the greatest books ever written.  It was authored by the Sheikh al-Islam of the Shafi’ Mathhab, Imam Zakaria al-Nawawi (also author of the 40 Hadith).  It is a basic book on how to worship in the Shafi’ Mathhab.  Many scholars have gone as far as to memorize it because of its usefulness.  Personally, I carry a copy almost everywhere I go.


5 responses to “Al-Maqasid

  1. Yeah dude you just pulled it out of your pocket or something at East Zone. You really do just carry that book around everywhere don’t you?

    May Allah illuminate your heart ;), good morning.

  2. Actually.. Shaykh al-Islam of the Shafi’i madhhab is Shaykh Zakariyya al-Ansari :p

  3. I’ll double check on that.

  4. What do you mean double check? Sidi Jihad told us, I didn’t make it up.

  5. Salaam ‘alaikum,

    I triple checked it.
    That designation is traditionally applied to Sh. Zakariya al-Ansari, as the Sister Danya said.
    Imam al-Nawawi’s name was Yahya, his kunya was Abu Zakariya.

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