Reflections on a Storm

I was going outside today and I see a huge bolt of lightening that made an earth-shattering noise and then it appeared as though the doors of the skies had opened.  I have not seen such rain for a long time.  So I went about my normal business anyway but I was making thikr and dua’ heavily unlike the usual (I was actually on my way to the mosque and what better place to escape disaster than there?).  I get back safely to my apartment (Hamdullah) and I reflected.  I was in a desperate situation where my life was in the hands of God.  Then I remembered, are we not like that at all times?  A saint was once asked to preform a miracle so he began dancing.  When asked about this, he said “My miracle is that the earth has not swallowed me up.”  If Allah willed, he could destroy us on the clearest day regardless of the circumstances.  Though we do not see it, our situation is the same as that of the mariners caught in a hurricane.  So remember, we are constantly in desperate need of Allah and he could destroy us at any time.  Remember God constantly and avoid sin like the plague.

And my  EZ conference reflection will be up Saturday or Sunday insha’Allah.


One response to “Reflections on a Storm

  1. Aww masha’Allah, that’s a really good point.

    People survive the most dangerous situations and die during the most benign.

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