I was really looking forward to seeing the new moon. I drove to the top of the parking garage so I would not have all of the trees and buildings in my way. I was there about ten minuets before sun set. An elderly man was watching the sun sinking into the horizon; it was particularly beautiful today. I had my camera and tripod ready, but then I noticed something. Aside from a small hole in the cloud from where I saw the sunset, the entire horizon was covered. I waited about 15 minuets hoping that the clouds would break. They did not. There was no moon last night so I was certain it would be tonight. The elderly man had left and I was standing there, disappointed. Perhaps next month Allah will reveal to me an exceptionally beautiful moon. If anyone has seen the new moon, please post something.

Khayr insha’Allah

Edit: I saw it!  Glee!  Rabi’ I of 1428 begins on the Mughrib of March 20 in the Southeastern United States.  It was a very lovely moon Subhan’Allah.


3 responses to “Disappointment

  1. As salaam alaikum.

    Some things are so allusive. For you it’s the moon, for me the sweetness of faith.

    Jazakallahu khair for sharing.

    Wa salaama,

    nuh ibn

  2. I don’t know if your witness is accepted or not
    also we need another man to verify the beginning of new Hijri month

  3. Then make dua’ that I become upright. In the Shafi’ mathhab, only one is needed. It doesn’t matter anyway. Safar cannot be 31 days.

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