Muslim Guy Shortage?!

I keep hearing all these scholars, bloggers, and other commentators nagging about how there are always so many single religious Muslim sisters.  When I first went into the MSA, I noticed this but then I thought to myself that I am going to see the guys more relaxed and more prone to mistakes than the girls because I hang out with the guys and I usually only talk to Muslim girls about Islam because such is proper adab.  As time went on, I realized that the manners of the sisters tend to be higher than that of the brothers.  Obviously there are going to be exceptions.  I know some very excellent brothers and some very weak sisters but the general rule appears to be otherwise.  I ran into many people saying this (amongst them, Suhaib Webb and Saad Omar’s famous post) so I accepted it as true.  Anyway, Imam Zaid Shakir is going to be commenting on it insha’Allah.  Here is the website.

Lock the doors and no one walks out single!


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