Are Sufis Allowed to Drink Alcohol?

I have gotten a few hits because someone keeps googling as to whether or not Sufis are allowed to drink alcohol. No true Sufi would ever sit at the same table as alcohol, much less drink it! The objective of Sufism is to purify the soul via Sharia’ and get closer to Allah. Alcohol is unequivocally and categorically made alcohol impermissible in the Quraan in multiple verses. How can one attain closeness to Allah when he does what Allah despises?! Such a person will never attain closeness to Allah!

There are stories about the crazy Sufis who drink alcohol and then recite some poetry and then say how it is halal. These are what are called the false Sufis. The true Sufi follows Sharia’ whereas the false Sufi does not. I had a teacher who once told me that if I see anyone preforming miracles, examine his life. If he follows Sharia’ then accept him, if he does not then he is false.

As for the Sufi poets, such as Imam Ghazali and Mawlana Rumi who use alcohol in their poems, they are doing so to get the point of their poem across. They did not actually drink alcohol.

The short answer is no!


8 responses to “Are Sufis Allowed to Drink Alcohol?

  1. As salaam alaikum.

    I love the discussions around smoking hashish.

    It seems every non-Muslim in the western world thinks Muslim sit around with a hooka and get stoned 24/7.


    nuh ibn

  2. Yea, by extension drugs (including tobacco) are impermissible too.

  3. Salaam Alaykum

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Sufism is non-restrictive. When there is love for Allah, all that is is from Allah. One who rejects these things is like one who rejects a gift. The problem is not the use of these substances but the abuse that comes from a lack of discipline and understanding of our true nature with Allah. Blind subservience based on tradition is a sin in itself. Traditions are excuses that allow for continuous repetitions of mistakes. As a Sufi and Muslim, I do NOT fear Allah for Allah has blessed me and I am grateful, always appreciative of this. This, unfortunately cannot be said for the many broken and ungrateful people who claim to believe in Allah. Sufism is mysticism. Mysticism is indigenous and non-pagan. There is an understanding about the true self and the Highest, not a wanton worship of the things that are used as symbolic representation. The abuse of any substance, be it alcohol or intellect or doctrine, is a sin. To restrict a human being from enjoying a truly divine existence is a sin. Religion is mans word based on the MYSTIC experience of the ‘prophets’ who themselves were not the creators of the religion but the influence of the creation of the religion, which unfortunately disregards the fact that they would not have their religion were it not for the mystical ‘prophets’ that have taught what we have forgotten ever existed and strive to return to.
    Islams’ extremist belief structure has gone to the point of separating men from women and oppressing their liberty as divine beings of Allah. The symbolic separation of masculine and feminine energies causes imbalance of the soul. The suppression of the feminine in Islam is the cause for the wacky behaviour based on out-dated biased tradition. There is no love in any of this, and if Allah is kin and merciful, one would be a fool to fear the loving God (unless of course they live in acknowledged perpetual sin…in secret).

    There is not one drop of wisdom in this article, just more blind submission to the ideas of those that have established laws of oppression. Evolution of the soul will never happen if we pander to the lowest common denominator of man corruption in the illusory world we see everyday.

    Who feels loved when they are battered with fear tactics?
    Who loves when they separate themselves from others because of choices in belief?
    Who truly loves Allah when they seek to compartmentalize the very existence the Highest has bestowed upon us?
    Is it not a sin to do something only for the expectations of rewards?
    We are all one with Allah because we are from Allah.

    May peace be upon you.

    -Mr. Brown (A. Shakur)

    Christ said, “If your leaders say to you, ‘Look, the (Father’s) kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father’s) kingdom is within you and it is outside you.

    When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty.”

    Remember, the prophet Muhhamad (pbuh) acknowledged Christ (pbuh) as the “son” of God.

    One love my brothers and sisters, ONE love.
    Ash hadu anlla ilaha ilallah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasul ullah
    Allahu Akbar

  4. Sufis DO NOT follow sharia! How can you be so wrong about this subject?? Sufis are extremely liberal, passive, tolerant, open minded, egalitarian, and full of love for all. Sharia law is oppressive, especially towards women, and non muslims. Complete opposite. You are so lost as to what a sufi is. Also you are the same as all extremist muslims because you think you have th authority to decide who is a real muslim, a real sufi or not. Disgusting, its now wonder muslims are in the worst state of affairs all around the world

    • Ur a racist pig nd muslims are great pepole its coz ur ignorant u belive ur shity media they are layer s and ur parrots nd any muslim sufi or not should follow share ya its like ur bible nd at the end its free will

  5. But mulana shames tabrizi did say in one of the 40 rules he wrote that a sufi person can enter place that sells alcohol its all about his intention

  6. Those comments that say bad words about muslims are soooo guys ok ur so racist and muslims are not bad its ur american hypricate eurpian media that teach u this coz ur parrots ignorant

  7. Sufi is apart from shariah ..
    its an another school of thinking ..

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