What is a Moderate Muslim?

All of these guys on the TV are praising these “moderate Muslims” and saying that the “moderate Muslims” need to stand up and take an active role in preventing terror and that these “moderate Muslims” are this large and nebulous silent majority. Before I continue, I would like to call upon the moderate Americans to stop what the extremist Americans are doing from the White House.

Anyway, what is this “moderate Muslim” they are talking about, how do we define it? When I had a TV I was watching CNN and an anchor was saying out how “we should watch out for the guys who pray in the mosque five times a day.” I (try to ) pray five times a day in a mosque when I am in Damascus where there are mosques everywhere and I don’t have much of anything to do. Should the US government put me on some watch list? (I am on that airport list of people they take aside to interrogate every time they fly by the way. Very rude people). Another analyst on CNN was saying how people who pray five times a day and a few more supererogatory prayers and also fast a couple days a week are “hyper-religious” and need not be worried about as long as they do not have an ideology of destruction.

So what do all of the people who constantly refer the “moderate Muslims” mean by that? Do they mean any Muslim who lacks that mentality of destruction or is Sheikh Hamza Yusuf right when he says that they define “moderate Muslims” as “Abdul watching the game and having a beer.”?

Islam teaches moderation and there are two extremes. There is the Osama bin Laden extreme where people become so extreme that their practices resemble Islam less and less. There is also the extreme of being too lax in the religion; leaving prayer, going to the clubs, etc. In my opinion, Islam is inherently moderate if one follows its true teachings. Therefore, I will be a moderate Muslim but only on the terms of Allah and his Messenger pbuh.gif.

Keep reading FBI, that’s more hits for my blog!


One response to “What is a Moderate Muslim?

  1. As salaam alaikum.

    Moderation, the straight, middle path! That’s our deen..

    Don’t forget jumah prayer today.

    If your too busy to get to masjid, you can come by and read my 2 pence worth.

    Wa salaama,

    nuh ibn

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