Demystifying Sufism

Demystifying Sufism
I made this chart in the form of an MS word document to help people understand what Sufism is.  Many people think it is a sect or movement. It is not. Rather, it is a science relating to improving the relationship of the servant to Allah and perfecting the deen. It has been part of mainstream Islam since the times of the Salaf al-Salaheen. Many of our greatest scholars including, but not limited to, Imam Ghazali, Imam Nawawi, Imam ibn Taymiya (he was a murid of the Qadaree order), Imam ibn ‘Ata-Allah, and Imam Ahmed al-Haddad were, without a doubt, Sufis and wrote treatises on Sufis.

I have heard some stories, none of which have been verified, that some “Sufis” do not pray and drink alcohol because they think they are good enough. If this is true, these are what the scholars call False Sufis. The science of Sufism is grounded in the science of Fiqh. The first thing a master of Sufism will tell his students to do, whether it is an institutionalized order or not, is to leave what is regarded to be haram by sharia’.

Long story short: Sufism is good stuff.


5 responses to “Demystifying Sufism

  1. salam, i opened it and got a blank page…

  2. Interesting… good chart. I think tasawwuf also has elements though of personal experiences. Like “this worked for me to achieve ma’rifa”, but ya, I guess it’s still rooted in the quran and sunnah.

  3. asalaamualaykum

    yea – or just use the table of contents of “The Vision of Islam” by my professors Chittick & Murata

  4. As salaam alaikum.

    Thanks for the chart. I am going to take some time to study it.

    I am a writer of essays, articles, poetry and reflections for largely a Muslim audience. Please come by and have a peek when you have some time.

    Wa salaama,

    nuh ibn

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    Paltalk – “Our Sheikh” room 2wice a day live zikr

    Mohammad Khan

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